The List is closed!


Ruka Mission List will be available for three days (19.4.-21.4.2018) for Ski or Die RACERS at Ruka. We have packed the list with hard stunts and wacky performances, so get loose every day and night. The rules are pretty simple.

Missions are done by posting them to Instagram with a mission hashtag and the event's tag #skiordie2018. You can post a photo or a video (no slideshows). Any kind of public profile with public posts will do! If you have a team profile you will automatically enter the mission list team contest. Check the ranking tab and see which team is currently leading!

You can do as many missions as you can, but each mission only once. Judges can reward you with double or even TRIPLE bonus points if your performance is SICK AF.

You can also link multiple missions into one banger edit! In this case copy all the needed mission hashtags into the post description and you are ready to get loaded with points.


There are two contest. Individual Mission List is part of the overall Ski or Die title. The overall winner will be the undefeated bulletproof unicorn who has the biggest total score from the mission list, death ride, aerials and high jumping combined on 21.4.2018 21:00 (EET)! The overall winner will receive skis from Armada and 4-person Ski-Inn stay with lift passes at Ruka Ski Resort for 2018-2019 season.

Second contest is team only and it is only about the mission list! The team account that has the most points on 21.4.2018 21:00 (EET) will win a 4-person Ski-Inn stay with lift passes at Ruka Ski Resort for 2018-2019 season. And 6,66kg of eternal awesomeness because your team fucking ROCKS!!

There will be multiple other winners based on your performances on the skiing contests and the mission list. Prizes include new skis from Armada, fresh gear from Newschoolers and lift passes to Ruka! All the prizes are given at the Official Ceremony at Kaarle XII Ski Ruka on Saturday starting 22.00.

Mission entries must be done on public Instagram account and as public posts. ULTRA HARDCORE missions can be sent privately as Instagram direct message to @skiordie666. You must have one accepted public entry before you can send private entries.

No one else will see secret missions and you will get points, but only if the mission is super sick. If you send a too easy mission as a DM you won’t get any points, so think before sending! And don’t delete any mission posts, since at the end of the competition you will get points for only the entries existing on Instagram.

You are doing the missions presented at this site at your own risk. Ski or Die or none of our partners are responsible for the possible damages done to your equipment, yourself, your body or your soul. Instagram does not have any part in organising the competition.

If you want to get your content away from this site, send a message in Instagram to @festlistcrew



  • 18.00 Revealing the Mission List


  • MAXIMUM Mission List performances


  • 11.00-13.00 Death Ride free practice (Battery run)
  • 13.00 Death Ride
  • 14.30 Aerials stunt sesh
  • 15.00 Karri Koira at the Ski or Die arena
  • 15.30 Highjumping World Championship

  • 22.00 PARTY OR DIE!!! (Kaarle XII)
  • 22.30 Ski or Die trophy ceremony (Kaarle XII)
  • 23.00 VVV blows your head off (Kaarle XII)
  • 00.00 Huora (Kaarle XII)
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