The List is closed!

1, 2, 3 GO!!!!

This is the Ski or Die 2017 Mission List.

We have loaded the scored list with hard stunts and wacky performances, so get loose every day and night.

You can do as many missions as you can. You can also earn extra points for being the first to execute any mission!

Missions are done by posting them to Instagram with a mission hashtag and the event's tag #skiordie2017, and you can post a photo or a video (no slideshows).

You can even link multiple missions into one banger edit! In this case copy all the needed mission hashtags into the post description and you are ready to get loaded with points.


  • Account who has the most points on 22.4. 21:00 will win the list
  • Ski or Die winner is the ultimate athlete, who has gathered the most points from mission list, death ride, aerials jam and high jumping combined
  • Mission entries that are too hardcore for public eye can be sent privately as Instagram direct message to @skiordie666. These missions won’t be shown to anyone else but the judges, but you will get the points you deserve! You must have one accepted public entry before you can send private entries.
  • Rukakeskus Oy will give the main prize, which is hotel + lift ticket package for you and your friends!
  • Judges can give special prizes & extra points for epic performances
  • Instagram does not have any part in organising the competition
  • Use the Radar to find Missions which are available only on certain geographical locations! Aurinkorinne could be a good place to start scanning...
  • If you want to get your content away from this site, send a message in Instagram to @festlistcrew



  • Mission list to the MAX!!


  • 16.00-18.00 Registration at R-Collection van in the middle of Ruka village!


  • 11.00-13.00 Death Ride free practice (aerials in run)
  • 13.00 Death Ride
  • 14.00 Stepa at the Ski or Die arena
  • 14.30 Aerials Jam
  • 15.00 Stepa at the Ski or Die arena
  • 15.30 Highjumping World Championship
  • 21.00 Mission list is finished!
  • 22.00 PARTY OR DIE!!! (Kaarle XII)
  • 22.30 Ski or Die crowning the winner (Kaarle XII)
  • 23.00 VVV blows your brains out (Kaarle XII)
  • 00.00 Atomirotta (Kaarle XII)
  • 04.00 Poolparty at your place!?